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A One-Violin Band

"Art will set us free"

The main idea of ??this show is to make music in a minimalist way. Originally it was conceived because of the difficulty of having different instruments when traveling and playing in the street. From here came the idea of ??being able to use the violin as a single instrument but modifying it to simulate many more.

Connecting my electric violin with some effects pedals I'm able to obtain sounds that simulate guitars, basses, cellos, contrabass and others. Adding a loop station (pedal that allows you to record and play what is played at the moment) the possibilities are bigger and the final result seems to be generated by a real band playing live.

Using this method I have recorded the album "Chaos", which is part of the musical repertoire of the show. This goes through different styles, ranging from the Blues to Funk, passing through Pop, Tango, Celtic music, Jazz and Argentine folklore.

Data sheet

Direction and music: Valentín Spurchisi.
Duration: 30 min.
Assembly: 5 min.
Disassembly: 5 min.
Minimum space: 5 m2.
Requirement: 1 audio channel.
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