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About me!

My name is Valentin Spurchisi. I am an Argentine-Italian musician with more than ten years of career. I have learned to play different instruments in a self-taught way, always focused on the search of high technical quality and compositional skills.

Originally I started playing classical and electric guitar, learning music through different styles. Funk, Rock, Punk, Classical and even Tango have been my main pillars at that time. I have gone through instruments like the piano, bass and singing until I find my true passion: the violin.

"Valentino's Violino" is a character, a different facet that allows me to experiment with the music and its slopes. A possibility to generate a show that is enriched by contact with the public. Mixing the knowledge acquired over time, I have managed to synthesize my interests in a simple, minimalist show. This only has an electric violin, a loop-station and a multi effects pedal.

Bit of a clown, a bit of seriousness and quite freedom are the elements that most characterize "Valentino and his violin".
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